Wine Club Event

At the Table with Sarris & Aori

16 April 2024


The Sourcing Table Crystal Palace
67 Westow Hill
SE19 1TS

7pm - 9pm

Grape growing and winemaking is, of course, integral to Greek history and culture, having taken place there since ancient times. Indeed, the Ancient Greeks are partly responsible for the proliferation of vineyards around Europe today. However, in more recent times, most of the country’s wines were bland, bulk-produced commodities made for the tourist market, or for locals to quaff as an alternative beer. In the last 20 years, though, a quiet revolution has been under way. A new generation of winemaker is rising, reviving Greece’s native grape varieties, identifying old vineyards and significant terroirs, focusing on organic farming, and taking a hands-off, low-intervention approach in the winery.

Join us for a tasting with two such producers from this new, exciting, generation – Panos Sarris & Aimilios Andrei.

Ex-sommelier Aimilios is one half of a project called Aôri, on the island of Crete. Aôri is named after the Cretan dialect word for ‘mountain’, and is based around some impressive high-elevation vineyards discovered near Spina, on the mountainous coast south-west of Chania. Panos Sarris is another ex-somm, and now making wine in the south-western part of the island of Kefalonia on the steep slopes of Mount Enos, specialising in the white grape Robola which is native to the island. Both Aôri and Sarris Winery produce wines that are fresh, aromatic, and mineral with an underlying Mediterranean character, thanks to the combination of extreme terroir, high altitude, sea breezes and intense sunshine.

Stunning wines from stunning places. Come and taste the Greek new wave.