Wine Club Event

At the Table with Marcelo Retamal

11 October 2022


Marcelo Retamal is undisputedly one of the most influential winemakers in Chile, a pioneer in producing artisanal, terroir focused wines in a country previously struggling with the reputation for high volume supermarket wines and luxury Bordeaux blends with hefty price tags.

We are truly delighted to have Marcelo join us for a compelling night of 6 benchmark Chilean wines from Vinedos de Alcohuaz and the inaugural vintage from his own project, RETA, the product of 24 years of experience.

All of these wines have consistently received outstanding reviews, and this is the rare opportunity to taste them all in one sitting, alongside what is guaranteed to be a night filled with fascinating insights from the winemaker himself.

An evening not to be missed.

11th October 2022
7:30pm - 9:30pm

The Sourcing Table
184 Bellenden Rd
SE15 4BW

RETA, Quebrada Seca, 2019
RETA, Quebrada Chalinga, 2020
RETA, Romelio, 2019
Vinedos de Alcohuaz, Grus, 2019
Vinedos de Alcohuaz, Rhu, 2018
Vinedos de Alcohuaz, Tococo, 2019

Cheese, charcuterie, and other nibbles to be served throughout.