Duck and Noodles

Duck and Noodles

Truly beautiful in its simplicity, Olia's duck and fresh egg noodles is a wonderful reminder that sometimes only a handful of ingredients are required to make a sensational meal.

This is such a simple recipe. The duck gets cooked in duck fat and its own juices, very similar to the French confit. The egg noodles are cooked in salted water and then tossed in the duck juices. As simple as that. Depending on the season, serve it with either some spiky kraut or a fresh lettuce salad to cut through the richness. And to complete the meal, pair with a glass of the Balf Kékfrankós from Holass - its pure black fruit, refreshing acidity, and subtle savoury savoury notes of dried herbs and earth make it a phenomenal match. 

Serves 4

For the duck

4 duck legs, jointed
Duck or goose fat
Sea salt flakes
Freshly ground black pepper

For the noodles

400g ‘00’ flour


Separate the duck legs and thighs. Heat the duck or goose fat in a heavy-based casserole pot. Brown the legs and thighs until brown on all sides. Now add 150ml of water, cover the lid and cook on the lowest heat possible for 1.5 hours or until the meat slips off the bone easily.

Meanwhile lightly beat the eggs and add in the flour. I first mix it in with a spoon, and then get in there with your hand and bring the dough together. Knead it over an unclouded surface into a tight dough and let it rest. It will be wrinkly at first, but once it rests and you knead it again it will smooth out. 

Divide the dough into two pieces and roll it as thinly as you can. Then dust the surface of the pasta with flour generously and roll the sheet of pasta into a tube and cut across thinly - you will end up with 2mm noodles. If you are using a pasta machine, use the cutting option that gives you taglierini.

Let the noodles dry and cook for 2 minutes in salted boiling water when the duck is ready. To serve, pull the meat from the bones and mix it with the duck juices. Add the noodles to the duck and give them a good stir to coat them well. Pile them along with the duck legs and thighs on to a large platter and serves with something fresh and sharp.

This is a dish that screams spicy, midweight red - and you can't go wrong with the Balf Kékfrankós from Holass. Made from Sopron's native red grape, this is a young wine with an old soul. Displaying a lovely balanced of fruit and savoury character, this is a serious wine with complexity, finesse, and a long fruit-driven finish.

Perfect Pairing