Bodegas Tamerán
Marmajuelo, 2020

Canary Islands, Spain



Bodegas Tamerán
Marmajuelo, 2020

Canary Islands, Spain


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Marmajuelo is a rare grape variety, native to the Canary Islands, that's prized for its potential to produce expressive, fine white wines. This wonderful example from Bodegas Tamerán is beautiful. It is understated and shy on the nose, but blossoms into waves of orchard fruits and white flowers the longer it's in your glass. Combined with amazing weight and texture on the palate, this is almost Burgundian in style and a genuine joy to drink. We're excited to see how this develops with age.

'Initially understated, this finishes expansively with complex fruity notes coupled with a lovely minerally acid line.' - Jamie Goode

Jamie Goode -

Fermented in a 2500 litre foudre. So intriguing: powerful flavours of pear, apple, lime and grapefruit, with good acidity. Quite intense and mineral with lovely presence. Initially understated, this finishes expansively with complex fruity notes coupled with a lovely minerally acid line.

Natalie Earl - Decanter Magazine

Marmajuelo is scarcely planted but thrives in sandy island soils, and this grape has been brought to great heights by Jonatan Garcia in this superb wine. There’s a savoury edge to the aromas, something herbal like sage and thyme. A sunny wine with joyful interplay between candied orange and sweet lime flavours and a racy acid core. A wine that will never be boring.

Luis Gutiérrez - The Wine Advocate

The white 2020 Marmajuelo is from 20-year-old vines on sandy soils. It fermented and matured in a 2,500-liter oak foudre, where the wine matured with lees for 10 months. It's 12.7% alcohol and has a low pH of 3.2. This is the ripest of the whites, the first to be harvested, produced like the rest of whites, and in this first vintage, all the oak was new and none of the wines are excessively oaky. It has a combination of floral and yellow fruit aromas, a soft texture and tasty flavors with a creamy whiff reminiscent of condensed milk. A juicy white.

About Bodegas Tamerán

Tamerán is a project that celebrates the unique growing conditions, history and grape varieties of the Canary Islands. Founded in 2019, this winery is the joint passion of famed footballer - and Canary Island native - David Silva, and the acclaimed Tenerife winemaker Jonatan Garcia of Suertes del Marques. 

"It all started when David contacted me by Twitter because he was drinking El Ciruelo 2016, and he was impressed. He said, congratulations, it is great that the wines from the Canary Islands are so good now. So we started a friendship. Six months later we were talking about making something together" - Jonatan Garcia

Jonatan and David formed a fast friendship based on their mutual love of wine and the unique terroir of this Volcanic Island region. Bodegas Tamerán is a remarkable place. The vineyards are planted with local varieties including Verdello, Marmajuelo, Baboso Blanco, Vijariego Blanco and Malvasía Volcánica. Each wine showcases a different variety, giving an honest - and delicious - expression of this fabulous terroir.

The winery is located between 600 and 700 metres above sea level, on south-facing slopes, with sandy volcanic soils. The idea is to produce refreshing, mineral wines which speak to the unique microclimate, volcanic soils and native grapes of the island. They have gotten off to a flying start, and we have been so impressed by each of their unique, single-variety bottlings.

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