Bodegas Tamerán
Baboso Blanco, 2020

Canary Islands, Spain



Bodegas Tamerán
Baboso Blanco, 2020

Canary Islands, Spain


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This is the softest and most concentrated of the Bodegas Tamerán wines. Baboso Blanco, also known as Bastardo Blanco, is thought to be a white mutation of Trousseau Noir. It is aged extensively on its lees, to enhance a textured mouthfeel, with yoghurt, yellow plum and lemon notes, plus a smoky, volcanic nose. This is an incredibly special wine with immense ageing potential, which perfectly showcases the unique terroir of the Canary Islands. Just superb.

'So intense with great acidity and very ripe fruit.' - Jamie Goode

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Jamie Goode -

Fermented in a 500 litre barrel. Intensely aromatic with powerful quince and peach notes, as well as some spicy notes. The palate is intense and concentrated with a great acid line and powerful pear, mandarin and grapefruit. So intense with great acidity and very ripe fruit.

Natalie Earl - Decanter Magazine

Extended lees ageing has made this gorgeously complex and rich, as well as textural, full-bodied and round in the mouth. Thick layers of lemon curd, honey, lime and scatterings of cumin give great complexity to this highly distinctive and individual wine. Vivacious acidity brings out intense flinty and salty notes on the finish. This is made from 100% Baboso Blanco, a grape also known as Bastardo Blanco, and winemaker Jonatan Garcia thinks that of the five white grape varieties they have, this has the most interesting parameters analytically, making unique wines.

Jancis Robinson -

Hugely distinctive, rich nose of essence of lemon cough sweets. Very rewarding and unique. Admirable zest.

Luis Gutiérrez - The Wine Advocate

Baboso Blanco is a grape found mostly on the island of El Hierro and is an early-ripening variety. I had never encountered it before. Apparently, it is a very obscure grape (six to eight hectares in the Canary Islands in total!). The 2020 Baboso Blanco fermented with indigenous yeasts in 500-liter oak barrels, where it matured with lees for 10 months. It has moderate alcohol (12.3%) and notable acidity. This is a very interesting and nuanced white, serious and with a light to medium body, clean, sharp and pungent. This is a very interesting variety; they have planted more, and the intention is to grow. Only 650 bottles were produced.

About Bodegas Tamerán

Tamerán is a project that celebrates the unique growing conditions, history and grape varieties of the Canary Islands. Founded in 2019, this winery is the joint passion of famed footballer - and Canary Island native - David Silva, and the acclaimed Tenerife winemaker Jonatan Garcia of Suertes del Marques. 

"It all started when David contacted me by Twitter because he was drinking El Ciruelo 2016, and he was impressed. He said, congratulations, it is great that the wines from the Canary Islands are so good now. So we started a friendship. Six months later we were talking about making something together" - Jonatan Garcia

Jonatan and David formed a fast friendship based on their mutual love of wine and the unique terroir of this Volcanic Island region. Bodegas Tamerán is a remarkable place. The vineyards are planted with local varieties including Verdello, Marmajuelo, Baboso Blanco, Vijariego Blanco and Malvasía Volcánica. Each wine showcases a different variety, giving an honest - and delicious - expression of this fabulous terroir.

The winery is located between 600 and 700 metres above sea level, on south-facing slopes, with sandy volcanic soils. The idea is to produce refreshing, mineral wines which speak to the unique microclimate, volcanic soils and native grapes of the island. They have gotten off to a flying start, and we have been so impressed by each of their unique, single-variety bottlings.

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