An Italian Discovery



An Italian Discovery


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Italy has a long, rich history of diverse winemaking. From the lofty heights of Alto-Adige, down to the sundrenched heel of Puglia, each region has its own unique growing conditions, grape varieties and local traditions. There is so much to be explored, and it might seem hard to pick where to start. That's where this case comes in. Here you will find 6 bottles of Italian wine that take you on a journey of discovery. So sit back and relax, and take an Italian tour in your wine glass.

The Case Includes:

1 x La Calcinara, Clochard, Marche 2020

This blend of 90% Verdicchio and 10% Chardonnay is the perfect example of why Italian wines are often such fabulous value. A delicious, clean white with notes of zippy green apple and lemon citrus, plus a heavenly nutty, almost creamy texture on the palate. 

1 x Adalia, Soave Signan DOC, 2021

This is not your typical Soave. Crisp and mineral with lovely linear acidity, this wine really opens in the glass, developing hints of creamy peach, river stone, and underlying nutty almond tones. 

1 x Antonio Camillo, Vermentino, 2022

A vibrant Tuscan Vermentino that captures the freshness of its coastal terroir. The flavour profile is light and refreshing, with notes of lime, green apple, and hints of dried herbs and sea spray lingering on the finish. 

1 x Sori della Sorba, 'Solo per Amore' Langhe Rosso, Piedmont 2020

Sori della Sorba is a triumphant partnership that brings together the best of both these worlds, and the results speak for themselves. This enticing blend of Dolcetto and Nebbiolo is layered and nuanced, whilst still maintaining the vibrant drinkability that Dolcetto is known for.

1 x Possa, 'U Neigru' Vino Rosso, Riomaggiore 2021

In the local Riomaggiore dialect, the phrase 'U Neigru' translates to 'the red one'. It's a lovely, fitting name for this Cuvee which is a celebration of Riomaggiore's unique wine history. This is a blend of local varieties Bonamico and Canaiolo, grown on teetering terraced vineyards that plummet towards the ocean. It's so steep, that they use a monorail tram to reach the bottom safely. Aged in old chestnut barrels, this is a generous, plush red with excellent grippy tannins on the finish.

1 x L'Archetipo, Aglianico, Puglia 2014

A masterclass in crafting elegance in a grape variety that's often anything but. L'Archetipo's Aglianico is carefully made with over 6 years of ageing, in both steel (to capture that incredible freshness) and oak (to soften its bold tannins), before bottling and release. Patience is key here, and that extra time has resulted in a beautifully balanced, powerful red. Succulent and soft, with enticing notes of fragrant spices, redcurrant and black cherry. A perfect warming red.