An Italian Discovery



An Italian Discovery


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Italy has a long, rich history of diverse winemaking. From the lofty heights of Alto-Adige, down to the sundrenched heel of Puglia, each region has its own unique growing conditions, grape varieties and local traditions. There is so much to be explored, and it might seem hard to pick where to start. That's where this case comes in. Here you will find 6 bottles of Italian wine that take you on a journey of discovery. So sit back and relax, and take an Italian tour in your wine glass.

The Case Includes:

1 x Ezio Poggio 'Caespes' Timorasso, 2019

This Timorasso takes its name from the Latin word ‘Caespes’, which broadly refers to the soil and land in which these particular vines are planted. Whilst many producers are choosing to age their wines in oak, Ezio wants freshness and fruit purity in his final wines. He ages in stainless steel, producing a wine bursting with ripe citrus, bruised apple, dried herbs, and fragrant spices, with a healthy whack of flinty minerality to round it out. A fantastic alternative to textured Chardonnay. Excellent to drink in its youth, but certainly a wine that will develop in bottle.

1 x Ciu Ciu, 'Falerio Oris' Bianco, Marche 2020 

A firm favourite of ours, that always delivers on value and flavour from vintage to vintage. This organically grown blend of Trebbiano, Passerina and Pecorino ticks all our boxes. Bone dry, carefully made and brimming with amazing notes of crisp apple, lychee, pear and a faint whiff of honey on the finish. Delicious.

1 x Marco Barba, 'Barbabianca' Bianco, 2020

Garganega is a grape variety most commonly grown in Soave and is perfect for producing crisp, fragrant whites. Blended with some local Veneto grapes, this expression is as fresh as they come! A crisp and tangy white, the balancing zesty fresh lemon juice with some red apple, pear and a hint of elderflower. It’s an ideal aperitif style, refreshing and dangerously drinkable.

1 x Roagna, Dolcetto d'Alba, 2020

Roagna's Dolcetto is a firm favourite of ours and offers a wonderful introduction to their refined style. They produce this stunning wine using fruit from two parcels in Barbaresco. The result is a structured expression of Dolcetto, with silky tannins and a vibrant palate bursting with dark forest fruits. All the signature 'Roagna' style for a fraction of the Barbaresco price.

1 x Scarzello, Langhe Nebbiolo, 2019

'Scarzello' is a name synonymous with tradition and classic elegance in the Piedmont region, and this Langhe Nebbiolo exemplifies that perfectly. A very pretty expression of this local grape, with notes of ripe forest fruit, crunchy cherry, violets and a savoury, herbal finish. We'd expect nothing less from a family who've been working this iconic vineyard area for nearly 300 years!

1 x Adalia, 'Laute' Valpolicella, 2019

A prime example of innovative but authentic winemaking in direct contact with nature. These vineyards are situated in one of the most traditional and severe wine-growing areas on the Italian landscape. The result is a vibrant and juicy red; rich with raspberry, cherry and currant fruit that sit in beautiful contrast against a savoury, spicy structure. Lively acidity and soft tannins come to the fore, yielding a bright yet textural wine.